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PFC News - PFC Wins Award at PCRS

Vitamin D Deficiency

Every year the PFC team of physicians and embryologists enthusiastically participate in the annual meeting of the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society (PCRS) by sharing our own research with other experts in our field. It usually starts off with a question that intrigues us in the clinical setting. This year, we presented our ongoing study on vitamin D deficiency in women with infertility, which was honored with the Best Practicing Physician Award.

The results of this study sounded an alarming call for physicians taking care of women who are pregnant or trying to conceive. More attention is needed to address the problem of vitamin D deficiency to improve the health of our patients and their children. The next step in our research will be focused on the assessment of the fertility implications of vitamin D deficiency, and the efficacy of implementing a treatment protocol to achieve adequate vitamin D levels in all patients. We look forward to sharing those results with our colleagues at the next PCRS meeting.

To view the poster, click here.

- Liyun Li, M.D.

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