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PFC Physicians Attend San Francisco Medical Society Annual Gala

PFC's Drs. Isabelle Ryan and Liyun Li attend the San Francisco Medical Society (SFMS) Annual Gala on January 16th.

th year as the only physician association that advocates for physician and patient rights in San Francisco! The San Francisco Medical Society represents over 1,600 physicians and physicians-in-training of all specialties. The society provides support and education to physicians and patients with the overall goal of improving the health of all San Franciscan residents.

PFC’s Dr. Ryan and Dr. Li were delighted to spend the evening with colleagues and other members of the medical community in San Francisco.

Pictured from left to right: PFC’s Dr. Liyun Li, PFC’s Dr. Isabelle Ryan, Dr. Rachel Shu’s husband and Dr. Rachel Shu

Posted on January 29th, 2014
Tags: PFC Doctors & Specialists

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