Patient Update – April 21, 2020

Posted on April 21, 2020 by Inception Fertility

Dear PFC Patients,

Since our last update on April 8th, we have been actively monitoring all developments related to COVID-19 in the Bay Area. As always, our top priority is the health and safety of our patients and staff. We have implemented recommendations from the CDC, the state and local Departments of Health, ASRM, and our own experienced clinical and laboratory team.

Effective Monday, May 4th 2020, we will initiate a safe and controlled re-start of specific treatment cycles. Patients undergoing the following cycle types may be able to begin treatment at the onset of their next menses:

  • IVF for Embryo Creation (Freeze All, PGT-A)
  • Egg Freezing
  • Oocyte Thaw for Embryo Creation
  • Frozen Donor Egg for Embryo Creation

To protect the safety of our patients and staff, we are observing many social distancing measures onsite. As such, we are implementing a gradual re-start of treatment cycles to regulate the number of individuals onsite each day.
Many patients who experienced a cycle disruption due to COVID-19 have already spoken with our Clinical Coordinator team to discuss cycle start timing. If you have not yet spoken to your Coordinator, and if you wish to initiate one of the above cycle types within the next two (2) months, please contact us at (415) 834-3000. Our team will review your protocol, medications, and pre-cycle checklist. You will also speak with a clinical team member to assess your current health and identify any final updates required for your pre-cycle checklist.

Moving forward, we request that all patients call the office on Day 1 of their menses. Please contact your Care Team directly or call our office at the number: (415) 834-3000.

We are continuing to pause all cycles that involve an immediate attempted pregnancy. Our physician leadership team meets weekly to evaluate the safe start of these cycle types. This timeline may be subject to change based on conditions and recommendations from ASRM, ACOG and the CDC. These cycles, which will be rescheduled in mid-to-late May, include:

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • Frozen embryo transfer (FET)
  • Fresh embryo transfer

We understand that delays are heartbreaking for our patients, and we look forward to continuing your journey toward parenthood in the safest environment possible.

Onsite Safety Protocol Updates

We have made extensive changes to our safety protocols to ensure that our patients and staff remain safe while receiving treatment at PFC. For a full list of guidelines please click here.

The most noticeable changes to our facility are:

Face Masks:

We require that all of our patients please wear face protection at all times while visiting our clinic. We also recommend wearing face protection on your travel to and from the clinic (cloth masks are acceptable). If you are given a mask at PFC, please use this mask for all future visits.

Screening upon Entry:

To protect our patients, our staff, and our current (and future!) families, every individual entering the clinic will be required to pass a temperature screening, and will be screened for COVID-19 related symptoms and risk factors. We regret the necessity of this intrusion upon your time.

Guest Policy:

In observance of social distancing and to minimize the number of individuals onsite, only the scheduled patient will be admitted to the facility. All patients entering the clinic must do so without any visitors present. Children are not permitted onsite. We apologize for any inconvenience, however we are committed to protecting the safety of our patients and staff by limiting the number of individuals in our space.

Cycle Disruption Policy:

If an individual demonstrates symptoms of illness during a treatment cycle, or if the individual is mid-cycle and tests positive for COVID-19, the cycle will be cancelled or suspended.

If this cancellation or suspension occurs prior to retrieval, we will issue a credit balance in accordance with services rendered during the cycle. Credit balances will be established on a case-by-case basis. We are not able to extend credit toward products or services provided by third parties (products or services provided by third parties include but not limited to medications, phlebotomy, anesthesia, genetic testing, tissue storage fees, etc).

New Patient Consults

We will continue to conduct New Patient Appointments using telephone or video conferencing, with the option of an expedited in-office ultrasound. We will resume in regular office visits when we are able to, in accordance with local and state guidelines. To schedule your New Patient appointment you may call us at (415) 834-3095 or fill this form.

Please review our Virtual Appointment FAQ page for detailed information on our process for providing virtual fertility care. Preparing for treatment during the best of times can take 4-6 weeks, and we are committed to helping our patients through this prep-period so as to not delay treatment any longer than necessary.

We look forward to continuing your journey toward parenthood as soon as safely possible.

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