Profile of a Typical PFC Egg Donor

Posted on November 13, 2012 by Inception Fertility

I never felt alone
“My entire experience as an egg donor was amazing. I felt very blessed to have the unique opportunity to provide a wonderful, deserving couple with my eggs. Giving my recipients the chance to become parents to a healthy baby was my privilege and I would gladly do it again. PFC upheld their reputation for being the best agency in the US. The staff is professional, well-trained, friendly, and always helpful. I never felt alone in this process. The entire PFC team is like a family. I felt safe and comfortable and everything was taken care of when I needed anything. I can’t wait to hear the outcome my prayers are with my recipients every day; like I said, this entire process was awesome.” Testimonial from Lynn – PFC Egg Donor

How are donors screened?
PFC Egg Donor Agency works with Pacific Fertility Center to carefully screen each donor before allowing them to be a part of our program. In addition to gathering comprehensive information on a donor’s medical and psychological histories, physical characteristics, motivation, education, employment background and personal interests, each donor’s medical history is reviewed by a PFC physician. All our donors have genetic counseling with a Certified Genetic Counselor and are screened for genetic diseases based on the donor’s ethnic background and medical family history. Each donor participates in psychological screening which includes a Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) test and evaluation performed by our licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Our recruitment and in depth screening process is designed to be detailed and thorough for each donor. Any donor that does not meet our high standards is excluded.

Our rigorous screening process includes:

  • Extensive medical and genetic history questionnaire
  • Screening ultrasound performed by PFC staff
  • Psychological Testing (Personality Assessment Inventory) and evaluation performed by a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Genetic counseling performed by a Certified Genetic Counselor
  • Extensive blood work to test for an array of disorders

Do all donors have genetic testing performed?
PFC EDA routinely performs genetic testing on all donors in accordance with testing recommendations set forth by the American College of Gynecologists (ACOG).

Genetic testing plays an important role in the evaluation and screening of a potential egg donor. Each donor will speak with a Certified Genetic Counselor to review in detail a three generation family history and assess ethnic background. This detailed review is used to identify and quantify genetic risks to donor offspring and to determine appropriate carrier testing.

Any potential donor that is identified as a carrier of a genetic disorder or exhibits evidence of a medical or genetic disorder is not accepted into the program.

How do you find your donors?
We focus advertisements for egg donors at colleges and universities, Craigslist, various publications and social media. We are very happy to say that our current donors often recommend us to their friends and family members. Our reputation for providing a high level of care and professionalism attracts many healthy, well qualified donors. While we receive donor applications daily, and thousands of applications each year, we accept fewer than 10 percent of applicants into our egg donor program.

Profile of a Typical PFC Egg Donor

- Daragh Castaneda
Program Director, Egg Donor Agency at PFC

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